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We are a modern Restaurant working in the city center of Kinshasa with 3 years of experience in authentic, European, Mediterranean and modern Indian cuisine. With a banquet room with a capacity to accommodate more or less 170 people, Riverside Bistro and Banquet offers a beautiful place to make your parties, your business meetings, your presentations etc., …. more class in a beautiful ambience

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the Variety

pulvinar dapibus.

From local farms.

We’re on a mission to provide not only great food and wonderful service, but also a thoughtfully crafted dining experience that seeks to address the complicated ethics that surround restaurant food and restaurant work. Restaurants can reflect the problems of the world we live in, but they can also be engines for change. We source our ingredients carefully. We invest in and empower our team members. We want to be a good restaurant – in all senses of the word.

The Menus.

the Variety

European, Mediterranean and modern Indian cuisine


Cheese Burger.

hamburger topped with cheese

Thousand island dressing,
american cheese, red onion, 


Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine

The Most Popular Indian Dishes

 Traditional Indian food is built

from the same flavor foundations. 



 It’s good mood food.

Mozzarella cheese, olive oil,
tomatoes, plain flour, garlic


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